How will our holidays look in the future – are we finally seeing the light?

Several weeks ago, the idea of even stepping outside your local area felt like a fantasy. But slowly, as lockdown restrictions ease, the situation seems to be changing, and there’s a glimmer of hope it might be possible to enjoy a holiday this year.

The situation, however, is far from normal. From beach breaks to escorted tours, the way we travel will look very different from now on.

Some hotels, tour operators and cruise lines have already published details hinting at how we might navigate a new world of socially-distanced sun-seeking and ethical escapism.

These are some of the trends starting to emerge.

The return to normality is set to be tricky for cruise ships.

The floating hotels have a history of upsets with virus outbreaks, and companies are having to work much harder to regain their customers’ trust. But many have already taken steps towards making their fleets as germ-free as possible.

All passengers travelling on Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet will be given a touchless temperature screening every time they return to the ship and when entering dining areas. Capacity will also be limited to allow social distancing on board.

Princess, meanwhile, have pledged to constantly monitor the global health map, cancelling stops and modifying itineraries if areas have been impacted by Covid-19 outbreaks. Self-service buffets will be heavily reduced and hand sanitiser will flow like water.

River cruise company Uniworld has gone even further by discontinuing self-service snacks, removing all books and magazines, discontinuing buffets and introducing set mealtimes.

Source: Irish Independent